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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is VeriPurchase?
    VeriPurchase is a trusted 3rd party company which collects and displays customer data for ClickBank vendors. Customer data is collected directly from ClickBank and displayed near real-time in the VeriPurchase widget.
  • Who is VeriPurchase for?
    VeriPurchase is for ClickBank vendors who want to instantly and dramatically improve the social proof on their website and increase their sales.
  • Does VeriPurchase work for any product or service?
    As long as your service or product is on ClickBank you can use VeriPurchase.
  • I have no sales yet, can I still use VeriPurchase?
    Yes. VeriPurchase begins collecting customer data from the moment you sign up with us. For that reason we recommend you install the VeriPurchase widget on your website immediately. The VeriPurchase widget will remain invisible on your website until you have made some sales and will automatically grow in height as your sales increase. This way the widget never looks empty.
  • How do I put VeriPurchase on my website?
    Placing the VeriPurchase widget on your website couldn’t be easier. Simply copy and paste two short lines of code into the HTML of your website. If you’re a complete beginner we have video tutorials to help walk you through it.
  • Can I adjust the size and style of the widget?
    Yes, you have a wide range of customization options and templates in order to best fit and match the style and theme of your own website.
  • Will VeriPurchase slow down my website?
    Not at all. The Veripurchase script is extremely small at only 18kb in size. All our images are hosted and delivered globally at blazing speeds over one of the best content delivery networks (CDN’s) in the world.
  • How much does VeriPurchase cost?
    We’ve priced VeriPurchase so it’s affordable for everyone. In most cases the first extra sale or two you make each month by using VeriPurchase will more than pay for the investment. You can see all of our pricing options on our pricing page.
  • When does VeriPurchase begin to collect and display my sales?
    We begin to collect sales data immediately after you have set up your account. Customer information will begin to display as soon as you have made some sales. Additionally you can import your previous sales data and the Widget will display immediately.
  • Can I import my previous customers into VeriPurchase?
    Yes. When you set up VeriPurchase you will have the option to directly import your previous customer information. You can import up to 200 customers who have purchased within the previous 6 months.
  • How do you access the information from my ClickBank account?
    We use ClickBank’s INS service which allows you to securely send us the necessary customer data. Optionally, if you choose to import your previous customer data our system will make a one-time request to download the necessary information from your account.
  • Can I place VeriPurchase on more than one website?
    Each subscription to VeriPurchase allows you to place the widget on one domain and works with a single ClickBank account.


"We were referred to VeriPurchase through a friend, and after running roughly 840,000 visitors to our website over the course of a few weeks, the VeriPurchase widget added another 5% of income to our bottom line. This was one of the easiest 'raises' that we've ever given ourselves. Keeping this widget on our website was an absolute no brainer for us. Thanks for the innovative idea!"

Dr. Charles Livingston

"Very happy with the results. After 600 sales VeriPurchase converted 15% better! I haven't had such successful results with something so simple to setup before. I'll be using it on all my sites from now on!"


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